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last update time 2021/06/08
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Department of Plant Medicine, College of Agriculture, National Chiayi University.


Assistant Professor I-Hsin Sung, ph. D.

Tel. 886-5-2714510  Fax 886-5-2717451


2005/03 Ph.D. in Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ibaraki University, Japan

1996/06 Master of Department of Plant Pathology and Entomology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan 

1994/06 Bachelor of Department of Plant Pathology and Entomology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan 



Social insects, Insect biodiversity and classification, Insect ecology


2000  Senior Civil Service Examination (Plant Pest Control group in Agricultural Technology)


2015/02~ Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Medicine, College of Agriculture, National Chiayi University

2010/07~2015/01 Associate Researcher, Miaoli District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, COA

2000/12~2010/07 Assistant, Assistant Researcher, Tainan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, COA



Academic researches

1. I.H. Sung, Sô. Yamane, K.K. Ho, W.J. Wu, Y.W. Chen. 2004. Morphological caste and sex differences in the Taiwanese stingless bee Trigona ventralis hoozana (Hymenoptera: Apidae). Entomol. Sci. 7: 263-269. (SCI)

2. I.H. Sung, S.K. Chen, J.C. Peng, R.T. Huang. 2005. Simulation of a geographic information system in plant protection. Res. Bull. Tainan DAIS 45: 64-73. (in Chinese)

3. S.K. Chen, I.H. Sung, M.Y. Lin. 2005. Distribution, monitoring and estimation of the possible dispersal direction of red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) in Yulin, Chiayi and Tainan area. Res. Bull. Tainan DAIS 46: 20-24. (in Chinese)

4. I. H. Sung, Y. F. Wu, Y. H. Chen, S. C. Chen, M. Y. Lin, S. K. Chen, A. S. Cheng, 2006. The symptom of collapse of Phalaenopsis flowers in an environmentally controlled greenhouse. Plant Prot. Bull. 48: 65-70.

5. I.H. Sung, M.Y. Lin, C.H. Chang, A.S. Cheng, W.S. Chen. 2006. Pollinators and their behaviors on mango flowers in southern Taiwan. Formosan Entomol. 26: 161-170.

6. I.H. Sung, S.k. Yamane, Sô. Yamane, K.K. Ho. 2006. A new record of hornet (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) from Taiwan. Formosan Entomol. 26: 303-306.

7. I.H. Sung, Sô. Yamane, K.K. Ho, W.S. Chen. 2006. Geographic distribution and nesting sites of the Taiwanese stingless bee Trigona ventralis hoozana and an unidentified subspecies of Asian honeybee Apis cerana in Taiwan (Hymenoptera, Apidae). Jpn. J. Entomol. New Ser. 9: 33-45 (in Japanese).

8. W.F. Huang, M. Bocquet, K.C. Lee, I.H. Sung, J.H. Jiang, Y.W. Chen, C.H. Wang. 2008. The comparison of rDNA spacer regions of Nosema ceranae isolates from different hosts and locations. J. Invertebr. Pathol. 97: 9–13. (SCI)

9. I.H. Sung, Sô. Yamane, S. Hozumi. 2008. Thermal characteristics in the nests of the Taiwanese stingless bee Trigona ventralis hoozana (Hymenoptera: Apidae). Zool. Stud. 47: 417-428. (SCI)

10. I.H. Sung, A. Dubitzky, C. Eardley, Sô. Yamane. 2009. Descriptions and biological notes of Ctenoplectra bees from Southeast Asia and Taiwan (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Ctenoplectrini), with a new species from North Borneo. Entomol. Sci. 12: 324-340. (SCI)

11. C.H. Chiang, I.H. Sung, K.K. Ho, P.S. Yang. 2009. Colony development of two bumblebees, Bombus eximius and B. sonani, reared in captivity in a subtropical area of Taiwan (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Bombini). Sociobiology 54: 699-714. (SCI)

12. I.H. Sung, Y.F. Wu, M.Y. Lin, S.K. Chen. 2010. Seasonal occurrence, hosts, life history and the biocontrol potential of a mycophagus ladybird Illeis koebelei (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae: Halyziini) in Southern Taiwan. Formosan Entomol. 30: 247-261.

13. T. Kuwahara, Sô. Yamane, I.H. Sung, S. Poonchaisri, Y. Nishikawa. 2011. Chemical characteristics of the proteinaceous material in the nests of six polistine species (Hymenoptera; Vespidae). Sociobiology 57: 537-554. (SCI)

14. I.H. Sung, Sô. Yamane, S.S. Lu, K.K. Ho. 2011. Climatological influences on the flight activity of stingless bee (Lepidotrigona hoozana) and honeybee (Apis cerana) in Taiwan (Hymenoptera, Apidae). Sociobiology 58: 835-850. (SCI)

15. I.H. Sung, S.S. Lu, M.L. Chan, M.Y. Lin, C.H. Chiang, C.C. Li, P.S. Yang. 2011. A study on the size and morphological difference, seasonal occurrence and distribution features of four bumblebees from Taiwan (Hymenoptera, Apidae). Formosan Entomol. 31: 309-323.

16. I.H. Sung, M. Shiokawa. 2012. Synopsis of the bee Subgenus Ceratina in Taiwan, with descriptions of four new species (Hymenoptera, Apidae). Jpn. J. Syst. Ent. 18: 155-170.

17. S.S. Lu, W.C. Yeh, I.H. Sung. 2013. Vespid Fauna of Yangmingshan National Park. J. National Par  23: 62-68.

18. I.H. Sung, S.S. Lu, J.T. Chao, W.C. Yeh, W.C. Lee. 2014. Establishment of Vespa bicolor in Taiwan (Hymenoptera: Vespidae). J. Insect Sci. 14 (1): 231, DOI: 10.1093/jisesa/ieu093. (SCI)

19. I.H. Sung, C.H. Chiang. 2014. Study of honeybee and bumblebee pollination for screen-house tomatoes in Taiwan. Formosan Entomol. 34: 21-31.


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I-Hsin Sung Assistant Professor
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