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last update time 2022/03/02
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Operational project

Duty agent



Division of Occupational  Safety

Division Chief



1. Formulate occupational injury prevention plan and experimental safety and health policy.

2. Formulate management of ionizing radiation and radiation material (including equipment).

3. Formulate affairs related to cases of biosafety committee.

4. Formulate other affairs related to laboratory safety and health.

5. Formulate occupation safety and health affairs.

6. Formulate the management of laboratory safety and health and assist in improvement of the inspection system.

7. Formulate Minister of Education laboratory safety and health subsidy plan.

8. Establishment safety and health occupation incident prevention plan and inspection plan.

9. Supervision of laboratory safety and health management and regular inspection.

10. Assist all laboratories in establishing safe and health management and inspection system.

11. Coordinate to assist every division about work promotion and assistance service of division of occupation safety.

Show-Jen , Chiou









Associate  Technical                                        Specialist     T




Kuan-    Jung ,   Chen

1. Deal with the application, conduction and termination of Minister of Education laboratory safety and health subsidy plan.

2. Deal with laboratory safety and health development plan as well as routine facility improvement plan.

3. Conduct safety and health training program and examination for graduates and new employees in laboratory.

4. Deal with affairs relate to planning and implementation of Minister of Education laboratory safety and health certification.

5. Manage and report the prevention of ionizing radiation.

6. Inspection of personal protecting equipment in the laboratory.

7. Analyze laboratory incidents and inspect the prevention of hazardous materials.

8. Safety and health work conducting performance analysis.

9. Affairs related to regular safety inspection of pressure vessels and boilers and dangerous machinery and equipment

10. Handle regular inspection working environment of organic solvent and fume hood.

11. Analyze campus occupation incidents and report emergency incident.

12. Assist biosafety committee in administrative affairs.

13. Inspecting safety and health-related affairs of laboratory.

14. Handle affairs about campus public liability insurance.

15. Other assignments at short notice.







Feng ,Yu










Project      Associate    Nurse


Ching-  I,kuo

1. Conduct special health check for laboratory operators.

2. Conduct common labor health check.

3. Manage reports of new-coming labor health check.

3. Health management and tracking after health check.

4. Implement maternity protection for female labors.

5. Deal with affairs related to on-site doctor/ on-site health service.

6. Formulate and conduct four plans of health protection.

  A. Prevention plan for wrongful harm during the execution of job duties.

   B. Maternity protection plan in work places.

   C. Prevention plan for ailments induced by exceptional workload.

   D. Ergonomic hazards prevention plan.

7. Hold activities about work place health service, health education promotion and health promotion.

8. Assist in monitoring the working environment of the laboratory.

9. Assist laboratory inspection.

10. Other assignments at short notice.



Kuan- Jung ,   Chen






Project      Associate




Jin- Neng,  Zhang

1. Assist in conducting safety and health work.

2. Assist the safety and health inspection in laboratory.

3.  Assist the website management of environment protection, occupational safety and health center.

4. Word Processing.

5. Other assignments at short notice.



Kuan- Jung ,   Chen






 Hsueh-  Feng,   Wang

1. Word Processing.

2. Organize the information of the university meeting, the administrative meeting and the office meeting.

3. Provide assistance for the webpage of both divisions.

4. Provide assistance for phone operation.

5. Other assignments at short notice.

Fang-Yu,   Yeh



1. Provide assistance for both divisions.

2. Other assignments at short notice.









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