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last update time 2022/03/01
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** The Information of Leasing University Hall


National Chiayi University Site equipment use and management of key points

                                          89.6.28Executive Council Confirm

90.9.25 Executive Council Confirm

95.5.9 Executive Council Confirm

  95.11.14Executive Council Confirm

                                                   99.1.12. Executive Council Confirm

1.             School activities for the existing facilities, to have proper management and utilization, and to enrich the school fund to improve the overall business performance, has formulated the main points.

2.             School each venue, giving priority to school administration, teaching units and the activities organized by student societies; and to provide government agencies, schools and the case registered by the legal academic, cultural, educational, sports, company, fund or corporate groups, to organize related of the meeting or activity.

3.             Our school provides the venue outside borrowing, borrowing from the handling procedures for each campus unit of the General, if the long-term borrowing by the storage group to use in accordance with the regulations and the signing of Contract. Borrowing will be known to be the original venue management unit. Units to use the school site management unit for radial.

4.             To borrow for school activities venues:

(1) Fill out the school site to use for a single unit, to the venue management department for borrowing procedures.

(2) Student organizations fill out loan applications for single-site, by the Office of Student Affairs unit of the nuclear shift the venue management for borrowing.

(3) External organizations, groups, individuals should be prepared for single-site borrow, borrow to every campus procedures for handling the General unit.

(4) Alumni Association may apply mutatis mutandis to the school unit or equipment to use for a single application site; alumni or staff for personal non-public school needs to be prepared for single-site borrow, borrow to every campus procedures for handling the General unit

(5) Borrowing school venues, should be used two weeks before each campus to the management unit or units of general application in writing.

Borrow school venue fees (fees attachment):

(1) Campus units and student organizations to use facilities in accordance with the school fee in units.

(2) Campus units and external units or student organizations and extracurricular activities, community collaboration, according to loan fees Wuzhe site fees, if special reasons, by signing Executive approval, may again consider reducing the fee or charge mutatis mutandis the school unit.

(3) External unit to use, fees charged by loan facilities, if the borrowing units of government agencies, schools, public interest groups, non-profit consortium of government agencies and financial, trustee, signed by the heads of approval, may consider reducing the charges, but not lower than outside tickets through the venue fee.

(4) Alumni Association to use venues charging unit charges could follow the school; school alumni and staff health requirements of non-borrowed by school official school site, signed by the heads of approval, may consider reducing the fees, but fees shall not be less than the loan five venues fold.

(5) School education with the conclusion of partnership agreements, joint activities of the school may apply mutatis mutandis to the school unit. School education in partnership with the conclusion of the agreement of schools to use school facilities, may consider reducing the charges, but not less than the loan fees Wuzhe site.

(6) Other special reasons or long-term borrowing was approved by the head of an agreement between the charges by the standard or other state property law, in accordance with relevant regulations.

5.             School venue opening hours: daily 8:00 to 22:00 the whole. Each session is four hours, according to time of dollars of fees, to use less than a period of time, be collected by a period, if more than 30 minutes to an hour basis, proportionate additional charge.

6.             To use school fees and margin venue, should be used one week before the group paid to the Cashier, the General every campus unit to send a receipt copy for future reference. Borrowing school venues, such as the way to renounce the use, in addition to natural disaster or force majeure, the paid fee is not refundable.

7.             Use of school playgrounds, without permission, may not be arbitrarily connected, change the power supply line or unauthorized use of electrical equipment. Should take care of public, equipment, and not linked to any nail, adhesive walls are damaged, according stood compensation. Illegal posting, suspension, set up and other things removed from the management unit may directly and no longer notice.

8.             No smoking and brought into the food, drink establishments, be sure to comply with the requirements, the school administrative units each venue there are particular regulations, also be sure to comply, otherwise the University will be forfeited deposit.

9.             Use of school venues, such as the occurrence of air strikes, earthquakes, fires and other accidents should be borrowing unit is responsible for guidance and to take refuge in evacuation measures to safeguard security.

10.        Borrow school venues, the University offers the only place in the natural range of equipment, plus layout if required, should seek the school agreed, and shall not destroy or change the status quo. End of the event, to use that to remove their units should clean up and shipped out of school, otherwise, the school was hired clean up the cost of the borrowing units affordable. If damage to property, by a margin to offset the balance refunded without interest. Such as margin deposits are insufficient to pay or unpaid by the borrower or the borrowing unit is responsible for claims personal responsibility.

11.        Borrow school venue, any of the following circumstances, the school the right to immediately stop using, and according to law.

(1) Those who violate government laws and regulations.

(2) Use the facts are not consistent with the applicant.

(3) Use of harmful school construction and equipment to the venue.

(4) Participation in school activities, staff of non-compliance provisions have prejudice or affect the normal official campus peace implementation of security actors.

(5) Points are in violation of the management.

12.        This point by the Executive Council, president of the University after being approved.





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