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last update time 2022/03/01
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Auditorium Stage Technical Information

Content                                    Size (cm)

Frame width                                 1500

Height                                      982

Center stage from the front to the frame line        740

Stage curtain rod from the frame line              52.6

Stage to the back wall from the frame line          1480

Stage to the Sky bar from the frame line            1226

Canopy curtain rod to rod distance                1104.8

Stage height (stage area to the auditorium floor height) 100

Set import and export

Content                                   Size (cm)

Discharge port Dimensions (W x H)            565 x 300

Entrance door set into the stage area size        565 x 300



Equipment name         To the frame distance      Operation Type

Subtitles                15                          electric

Curtain off              52.6                         electric    

First light boom          90.2                         electric

The first wing screen      172.9                        electric

Prepare the first boom     255.1                        electric 

First along the screen      307.5                        electric

Second wing screen       337.8                        electric

Second light boom        371.4                        electric

Second along the screen    481.9                        electric

The third light boom       507.3                        electric

The third preparatory boom  531.5                        electric

Screen boom             560                          electric

Septal off screen          592.7                         electric

Septal off screen             621.1                      electric

The third screen along         675.3                      electric

Fourth Road lighting boom     747.3                      electric

Fourth Road preparatory boom  781.8                      electric

Fifth Road preparatory boom    809.5                     electric

Sixth Road preparatory boom    871.6                     electric

Fourth Road along the scree     925.8                     electric

Fifth Road lighting boom       959.6                     electric

Sixth Road lighting boom       1068.9                    electric

Seventh Road preparatory boom  1098.7                    electric

After the curtain off            1127                     electric

Seamless Sky                1156                      electric

Lighting system 

(1 )  電腦程式調光控制器 :

Name and Model of the Testing EquipmentCOLORTRAN  INNOVATOR 48/96

48/96 Loop, With output restrictions / adjustments, BUMP Function Twist, Twisted individual output

Alternating with two preset manual control lever and master rod with the following output

1. Additional master rod, CHASE.

2. BUMP Master shot.

3. Master rod output maintaining the status.

4. Deputy director of the output of the master rod, SUBMASTER.

5. Encoding Twist.

Deputy director of the largest 24-loop output control, BUMP features twisted, twisted individual output 6. Standard memory pages, at least eight, maximum 24.

7. And the following functions

1keep memory pages .

             2LIVE/BLIND Editing.

             3Programmable master shot timer (0.1 seconds to 99 minutes 59.9 seconds).

             4English naming function.

             5Output function of maintaining the status quo.

8. Catch-up effect for at least 64 groups, the largest 192 group.

9. Effect of steps to catch up the largest group of 1000.

10. And the following functions

1English naming function.

                 2Forward / backward / Bounce function.

                 3Insert / Remove step function.

                 4Single step / stop function.

                 5Audio synchronization.

                 6Catch-up rate of the master shot.

                 7Initiation function of catch-up effect of torsion.

At least 1024 group dimming machine loop.

11. Deputy director of the output, name, status: liquid crystal display panels.

12. Main featuresLiquid crystal display panels.

13. Output instructionsLight-emitting diodes.

14. Deputy director of the output leverLED strips.

15. Alternate leverLED strips.

Within at least 10 years of uninterrupted power IC, EEPROM, DOS compatible 3.5-inch drive.

  Output : International standard DMX 512.

(2)           2.4kw Six-loop electronic dimmer

1. 2.4kwSix-loop electronic dimmer×7Total 42 Lighting circuit output.

2. Cabinet side panels convert light 192 output circuit to stage lighting rod lighting rod catwalk side lighting box around the user must adjust circuit

Lighting circuit

Light pole 1          1-18

Light pole 2          19-36

Light pole 3          37-54

Light pole 4          55-72

Light pole 5          73-90

Light pole 6          91-108

Catwalk light pole 1      109-126

Catwalk light pole 2      127-144

Light box on the right    145-150

Light box on the left      151-156

(3)          Basic lighting

Equipment name                  Brand Model         Quantity

20~ 40 Powerful zoom Spotligh   COLORTRAN61535        10

Fixed angle of the spotlight     COLORTRAN 20 EIIIPSOIDAL   6

Oval 750W 6×9 spotlight           ALTMAN 360Q--6×9         6

Oval 750W 6×12 spotlight          ALTMAN 360Q--6×12        6

8"1000WFred Spotlight           ALTMAN 175Q             10

14" 750WDipper floodlight        ALTMAN 160               12

PAR 64 1000W floodlight         KUPO PAR                 24

Sound system 

Equipment name                 Brand Model         Quantity

24 Loop mixing front controller     A&H GL3300-824           1

20 Loop mixing front controller     A&H WZ20S               1

Digital Processor (Matrix 16×16)    A&H DR128*2              1

600W Stereo power amplifier       KING STAGE CA-800       6

320W Stereo power amplifier       KING STAGE CA-500       2

Speaker array alt                 KING STAGE PS-12          4

Extension of low frequency bass speaker KING STAGE PS-1801     4

Former auxiliary speaker          KING STAGE PS-10          4

After the auxiliary speaker         KING STAGE PS-10          4

Power amplifier stage monitors    QSC PLX 2402                2

Movable stage monitor speaker    DASPF-015                   2

15 Section stereo equalizer      BEHRINGER PRO GEQ3102      2

Gooseneck condenser microphone ASTATIC 827-17               2

Moving coil microphone        DM-5                         4

Condenser Microphone         ATM31a                       2

4 wireless microphone circuit   CHIAYO UDR-4000              1

Block two-cassette type recording  TASCAM 322                1

Laser discs               TASCAM CD-450                  1

MDMini Digital CD-ROM    TASCAM MD-350                1

Digital effects             STK VFX-256                     1

Audio signal splitter amplifier   RANE DA-216a                2

Intercom headset             T.P. SMH210                    6

Waist hook intercom sub-machine T.P. BP-1                   6   

Projector system

Name                   Brand                Quantity

Long distance LCD projector ANSI 5800    SONY            1                           

Teaching tips Machine                                    1

Auditorium activities to support technical information

Can play briefing documents, videos, lectures, drama, band, concert, etc




Lecture Hall sound equipment technology

Equipment name                 Brand Model         Quantity

Dual-band wireless microphone      JTS US-852Pro            2

Moving coil microphone            MA BG-7                2

Block two-cassette type recording    TEAC W-790R            1

CD laser discs                   PIONEER PD-217           1

16 circuit digital mixing controller   YAMAHA O1V 96          1

Audio signal splitter amplifier       RANE DA-216a            1

Signal Processors                 BEHRINGER DSP8024      1

Power amplifier                    UNIKA DCA 1100        4

2 Speaker Sound Road             CERWIN VEGA V-152      8

Projector system

Equipment name                 Brand Model         Quantity

Long distance LCD projectorANSI 5800  SONY              1                            

Teaching tips Machine                                    1

Lecture Hall activities to support technical information

Can play briefing documents, videos, lectures, drama, band, concert, etc





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