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last update time 2023/08/02
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Periodicals service

1. Periodicals

For data obtained from Library Collecton Resource Inquiry System , if the first letter of call No. is P, then, it falls under Periodicals.

  • Back issue:Periodicals not published in the current year but are bounded are placed in Back Issue Area.
  • Current issue:Periodicals published in the current year but are not bounded are placed in the current issue area.
  • Arrangement method:

    Chinese current issue
    • Lantan Campus, Linsen Campus, and Sinmin Campus--- based on Classification Scheme for Chinese Libraries)
    • Minsyong Campus—arranged based on No. of Chinese strokes of periodical title
    Back issue Arranged as to No. of Chinese strokes of periodical title
    Foreign language current issue Arranged as to English letter sequence
    Back issue Arranged as to English letter sequence
  • Borrow rule:
    • Reading and photocopying are allowed only inside the library.
    • Overnight borrowing is processed at book borrow/return counter 2 hours prior to closing. Books borrowed should be returned within 2 hours after opening the following day. In case of overdue, a fine of NT$5/hour is charged per book volume.
  • Reasons for unavailability of periodicals:
    • There are errors in return
    • They are still in use by readers
    • They are still in book cart at photocopy area /not returned yet.
    • In case of problems, please contact a librarian for assistance.

2. E-Journal

  • Online search and instantaneous information acquisition through the internet:
  • On-campus:Directly search; no account or password is required.
  • Off-campus:Set Library Proxy Server
  • Search method:Log in E-Resource Integration Inquiry Sysetm and use the search function to find required E-Journal title. Click E-Journal on the left side of system frame to browse E-Journal title.
  • Full-text acquisition:
  1. Install Acrobat Reader to download full text.
  2. Not all E-Journals provide full text articles depending on publisher policy.
  3. Please extract full text of articles reasonably and legally.

3. Nationwide Documentary Delivery Service (Formally known as: Interlibrary Loan)

If required periodicals are not available in “Periodicals” and “E-Journal”, apply for copied articles at other libraries through Nationwide Documentary Delivery System . This service requires payment rendering. Please see This webpage for details.





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