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last update time 2023/05/22
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Research and Development Office


The R&D Office was established on Feb, 1, 2000 to boost the school development, bolster academic research, and provide accurate, consistent data and information about the school. Our major objectives are to establish the school long-term and short-term policy, apply for research grants from government institutions, increase the cooperation with the business partners, and develop accurate, comprehensive and timely data and analytical support to empower data driven decision-making by administrators, staff, faculty, students, alumni and other stakeholders in support of the mission of the University.


The goals are as followings

l    Collect information and establish the school development strategy.

l    Enforce the decisions made by the Committee of School Development.

l    Plan and manage the in-school and between schools' academic exchange and cooperation programs.

l    Manage the projects supported by Ministry of Science and Technology.

l    Manage the grants for school teachers' research and help them to apply for patents.

l    Plan and manage the cooperation with business partners.

l    Cooperate with other departments to accomplish the orders made by the President.


The R&D Office is composed of three divisions, the Planning Division , the Academic Development Division, and the Institutional Research Division. The duties of these three divisions are as follows:


1. Planning Division

  Collection and arrangement of the school development plan

  Management of school funds

l School introduction brochures and pamphlets

l Conducting university evaluations.

l Conducting landscape development and space usage on campus.

l Accreditation of research centers, Self-Accreditation of the University, and Institutional and Program Accreditation of MOE 


2. Academic Development Division

l Ministry of Science and Technology affairs subsidy application

l Faculty academic ethics affairs

l Faculty research project reward application

l Review Committee of Academic meeting


3. Institutional Research Division

l Maintaining the institutional research database

l Performing extracting, transforming, and loading of institutional

research data, both internal data and external data

l Conducting data analysis on institutional research issues

l Maintaining data analytics platform of big data decision system for institutional assessment, decision making, and internal control






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